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Why you may need a credit

To do business

A small credit to get your business off the ground, or to cover cashflow issues are great ways to stay profitable.

School fees

There is nothing more important than your child’s education, but you may need help for an up-front payment.

Urgent needs

For those unforeseen expenses, get quick Fido credit to sort out your issues.

How it works

1. Download the Fido app

Download the free app
from the Google Play store

2. Sign Up

Set up your Fido account by filling your personal information in the app

3. Customize your credit

Select your credit terms
and conditions

4. Get Approved

Approval is in real-time. Once approved the funds will be disbursed to your Mobile Money account

Fido is 100% online via mobile app. If you need help, email us at





Anytime, anywhere

No application fees

No collateral

No guarantors

No wahala!

About Us

We are an African Based Fintech Company

Fido empowers individuals and entrepreneurs to take advantage of opportunities in Africa.
We have been operating in Ghana since 2015, disbursing about 3 million credit facilities.

Built on advanced technology that enables fast, easy access to financial services, our independent financial platform and unique machine-learning risk models make instant credit decisions - even for customers with no financial track record.

Fido services are available 24/7, and accessible to all.
It doesn’t require any paperwork, collateral, or a guarantor.

Fido is regulated by Uganda Microfinance Regulatory Authority (UMRA).


CREDIT disbursed


value of CREDIT disbursed



What people are saying about Fido

Christian Abu

"I'm grateful to be chosen as Fido's most valuable customer. With Fido, I've been able to access easy credit on numerous occasions to expand my trade in cosmetics."

Darlington Kofi Kumebia

“I’m glad to be Fido’s first customer. The credit I received was a great support to my business. I also did well to pay back on time which gave me access to more credit facilities.”

Samuel Bahun-Wilson

"I have been a Fido customer for the past 5 years. I started with 40,000 UGX and now I’m at 350,000. Fido will never disappoint you if you are trustworthy. "

Joseph Yaw Appiah

"I had a hard time believing a company could ever deliver giving out credit in seconds. I used Fido to pay for my fees at IPMC and now to support my monthly purchase of materials for my building project."

Henrietta Mante

"I was introduced to Fido in 2020, I was in dire need of money for my ward's school fees, and Fido solved my problem."

Samuel Walter James

"I really love and respect this company because of the support they give me and my family, especially in times of difficulty."

Akpene Akosua Ahelegbe

"Fido came recommended by a friend when I needed money urgently for my niece's hospital bills. I downloaded their app, answered a few questions, and received the money in just five minutes. Fido is an excellent credit company I highly recommend to everyone. Fido papaa paa!"



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